Empowering women to live a well-nourished lifestyle with health, fitness, and spirituality.

hello beautiful,

My name is Courtney.

Holistic Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer. More importantly I am a mother who cares deeply about sharing my light and love in the health community. I specialize in women’s health, holistic wellness and spiritual healing.

This journey into new habits is about eating to nourish your body and start healing yourself! Empowering you to live the best version of yourself. I am fully committed to sharing my success in wellness, mindfulness, self-care and being a mother,

As your Holistic Wellness Coach, I can teach you simple habits to live a nourished life. You will have more energy and transform your health from the inside out. I work with nutrition and holistic tools to address underlying causes of unhealthy symptoms. We will work one-on-one to create a sustainable nutrition approach to help heal your body naturally.

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